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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Welcome to Hampden-Sydney

"Welcome to Hampden-Sydney." It's a phrase that I have become accustomed to using quite frequently. I use it in a way that says "Gee, that sounds like one of the defining features of Hampden-Sydney College. I really wish someone had told me about that before I got here, rather than letting me find it out on my own!"

This phrase typically gets used when my friends and I will remark on the way things are run around the school. A few examples:

"I can't believe the Student Finance Board gives $X,000 dollars to a club that does nothing on campus, and then gives less than $400 for our club, which actually has weekly meetings and events for the entire campus..." (Welcome to Hampden-Sydney)
or maybe
"Has anyone else noticed that the President's flowers get replaced weekly without fail, and they can't even change the light bulbs in the Academic honors house?" (Welcome to Hampden-Sydney)
or one of my personal favorites:
 "And then he said 'Woah! There's gay people here?'" (Welcome to Hampden-Sydney)
It's really actually sad how many examples of this I could come up with. Maybe I should start writing them down? Anyway, it's dumb things like this that just really blow my mind about this place. I'm almost finished with my fifth semester here, already, and frankly, I'm tired of this place. Things have had their ups and downs since I started here. I'm sure my experience isn't the only bad one here. But you'll quickly learn where I stand here, and why I felt the need to write this blog.

I really hope that this will someday help someone in their decision process for college selection, but we'll see. Until then, Welcome to Hampden-Sydney.


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