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Monday, December 5, 2011

HSC Underground

Welcome to HSC Underground. My name is Walter McCoy, though some still insist on calling me "Flash". I'm a Junior at Hampden-Sydney college, and this is my news blog. Since I started going to school here, I've realized that a lot of the things that happen on campus stay hidden, and are never exposed. Well forget that! This blog is going to be my portal to reveal the things about this school that they don't want you to know.

"Why, Walter?! Why would you do something like this?!!?!" Answer: Because I've been hurt. I came to this school blind. I had no idea what anything was really like here. I was told that this was a place for brotherhood. Hampden-Sydney was a place where men are men, and everyone looks out for one another.

The Truth: This place is actually a spirit drain that sucks away all of your happiness, hopes, and dreams if you are not a posh southern rich-boy.* "The Hampden-Sydney Man" is a term that I scoff at with contempt. A Hampden-Sydney Man does not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do. That's what they tell you. The truth of the matter though, is that it's all about image. An HSC Man is only worried about how other people see him, so as long as he couldn't be caught, he will refrain from lying cheating or stealing**.

I know dozens of other students, alumni, and even faculty here at the school who agree with me. Well this is it: This is where I'm exposing this crap. It needs to be done, and that's my mission. I'm sure I'll catch hell from it at some point, since my name's on it, but whatever. I am Walter McCoy. I will not lie, cheat, or steal, and I will not tolerate those who do. I refuse these things because it is what is right, not because I care what people think of me. So welcome to the Underground!

*This is a generalization that I will often use. Please note that there are, in fact, some decent men here.
**Please note that Vandalism and Bullying are two of the many things ignored from this list of things an HSC Man shouldn't do. (Go figure it's what they do most...)


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