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Friday, July 20, 2012

"The tayle of Oxford", or "Why I seem to be really lazy about posting stuff on this blog"

Dear Sweet Readers,

It's been quite a while since I've posted anything on this blog. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • I'm lazy as hell.
  • It's summer, and I'm not at HSC.
  • It's summer, so I actually miss the school, rather than loathe it.
  • I'm studying at Oxford because the school has allowed me to.
It's this last point that I want to talk about. Now if you've been reading my posts, it's fairly obvious that I hold a bit of a grudge against this hell hole. In all honest, though, my feelings for Hampden-Sydney College are kind of complex. While I do disagree with a lot of what goes on at the school, I can't help but be thankful that it has given me so much. Apart from all the money the foot for me to go there, they also basically paid for this whole trip that I am on. AND I'M AT FREAKIN' OXFORD UNIVERSITY! That's cool stuff. And all I paid for was the plane ticket. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is, the school isn't absolute shit. If you come, you'll either have a great time, or not, but it's really what you make out of it, yourself, that makes this place. 

On that note, I'm actually going out. I had this on my mind to write, and figured I would do so before I went to the pub, but hey! SO I'll just leave you all with this last parting gift:

This is a video of me doing admission propaganda. Even though it sounds pretty cheesy, I did mean all the things I said in it. (Of course, the cut out all the stuff about me hating people...but that's understandable).

I hope that you are all enjoying your summers, and I'll see you when next I see you!

--Your editor