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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blown Up!


Due to the sudden influx of page views on this blog (I'm actually getting hundreds a day now!) I decided to add another story about submissions. I'm desperate for people who want to help me write stories for this blog. I can give out assignments, or accept submissions, or whatever. If there's something on campus or about the school that you think should be talked about, let me know about it! Send submission requests and things of the like to me at I hope to hear from you guys soon!



  1. You should post a non-HSC email so that people can send you stuff without the fear of the College being able to view the email. As you may know, the College has the power to look at any of our school emails any time they want.

    1. I have just changed the email to my person gmail account, and it is completely dissociated from my H-SC email. Thank you for the idea! I hadn't thought of it.